Buying A Property

Find out what you need to know before purchasing a property.

Property Purchasing Process

01.Before searching

Spending time and effort looking at properties in the wrong price range, unless you are doing a cash purchase, you should check with a few banks or other financial institutions to get pre-approved for a loan. We can connect you with Mortgage Officers from many financial institutions who can pre-qualify you for a mortgage.

02.Search for your home

Our consultants are there to help you find you the best property to fit your needs. It is recommended that you use one agency/agent as this allows for you to have one point of contact and this consultant will arrange your viewing schedule with all other agencies/agents taking that hassle out of your hands. In addition, developing a relationship with one agency/agent leads to better understanding of your needs. It also allows the agency/agent to better negotiate on your behalf.

03.Sales Procedure

Once the desired property has been found, there is a sales procedure to follow which will be furnished to you.

04.Closing Costs

Cater for all closing costs (eg. Searches, Legal fees, Stamp Duty, Mortgage Fees, Valuation Fees). Estimates of these fees can be given to you before hand by your mortgage officer and real estate consultant.

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