Property Management

We offer Property Management Services for both commercial and residential properties

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Our Service Includes:

A fee of 15% (or $1,500.00 on properties below $10,000.00) of the actual monthly rental or estimated income potential on that property. Please be sure to contact us for a consultation and quote for your specific property.

Our Procedure

  1. Collection of monthly rent and the issuing of receipts for same.

  2. Deposit of the rent into your account
    (less fees or expenses you have agreed to).

  3. Making sure your property is properly maintained and is taken care of by way of contracting a professional to do any appropriate jobs that may need to be done to keep the property in good rental condition (the expense of any job undertaken is approved by you and is funded by you).

  4. To make sure that all utility bills to be paid by the Landlord are paid at the appropriate due dates (eg. WASA, Land & Building Taxes, etc.) and copies of the receipts sent to the Landlord.

  5. To make sure that all regular maintenance that may be needed, for example servicing of air conditions, landscaping, pool maintenance (payment for this to be deducted from the received rent) and that the receipts of these services are sent to the Landlord.

  6. Regular inspections on your behalf to ensure that the property is properly maintained by the Tenant.

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